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Adolescents and young people

Tara sees many adolescents and young people in their twenties for therapy.  They consult her with issues around mood, eating disorders, anxiety, identity and loneliness. 

There is a lot of pressure on young people these days, with the relentless scrutiny they face in school, university and through social media.  Lots of young people strive for perfection rather than happiness.  They think too much about what friends think of them, rather than enjoying being with their friends.  They worry too much about their future, rather than being in their present.    

In therapy, Tara offers a compassion and understanding space for adolescents and young people to explore these issues and their identity.  She can help young people challenge the way they think and act, to make real changes in their mental health.  

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything... you have been the most amazing therapist. I was reflecting back on much progress I've made, and I have to give you a lot of credit for that" - young person

Parenting work.

Parenting teens is a tricky time.  You can find yourself constantly second guessing yourself and wondering whether you are getting it right.  If your child develops mental health problems it is of course much harder, and parents often blame themselves.  Sharing decades of experience with adolescences, families and parents Tara will support you in your relationship with your teenager and to feel more confident in your parenting. 

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