Therapeutic work

Tara works with children, adolescents, young people and adults in her private practice.  Clinical Psychologists as part of their doctoral training are trained in a lifespan approach to work with all ages, and specialism tends to happen through joining and working in an NHS.  In her private practice Tara enjoys working with different ages and different conditions. 

With younger children.

The challenge with pre-teen children is to engage them in the process that they want to change, as they struggle with the cognitive capacity to take a meta view on their own feelings and behaviour.  Whilst this can be done with children, through getting down on the floor, drawing, playing, and finding the hook into their motivation, more often than not, parents are best placed to do this, and Tara can support you to do this.

"It is quite rare that children themselves decide they want therapy, so they are sometimes an unwilling participant in the process.  Its important that they don't feel labelled by the process, or that they are the problem.  Working with their humour and warmth is often the way through it, alternating parent and child appointments, so we are all united at tackling the problem."  Tara Porter 


With teenagers and young adults.

Tara works a lot with adolescents and young people into their twenties with issues around mood, eating disorders, anxiety, identity and loneliness. 

There is a lot of pressure on young people these days, with the relentless scrutiny they face in school, Uni and through social media.  Lots of young people strive for perfection rather than happiness.  They think too much about what friends think of them, rather than enjoying being with their friends.  They worry too much about their future, rather than being in their present.    

In therapy, Tara offers a compassion and understanding space for adolescents and young people to explore these issues and their identity.  She can help young people challenge the way they think and act, to make real changes in their mental health.  

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything... you have been the most amazing therapist. I was reflecting back on much progress I've made, and I have to give you a lot of credit for that" - young person


With adults.

Tara regularly works with adults in her private practice.  Sometimes they consult her about issues they are having with their children or family life. She also sees adults for their own private therapy.  Her therapy style tends to be short term (less than 20 sessions) and change focused. Sometimes adults fear change or feel very stuck,  but significant change is possible in their lives with the help from therapy. 

I have found therapy to be intensely painful, but Tara is brilliant

and there is absolutely no doubt it has helped a lot’

60 year old man.