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Some recommended books for parents helping a child or adolescent overcome mental health problems include:

  • Treasure, J. A Skills based approach to helping with Eating Disorders

  • Huebner, D. What to do When your Brain Gets Stuck: A kid's guide to overcoming OCD and What to do When You Worry Too Much.

  • Lock, J. and Le Grange, D.  Help Your Teenager Beat An Eating Disorder 

  • Musby, E. Anorexia and other Eating Disorders. 

  • Eva Musby also has a lot of great free videos on the website.

Some recommended books for raising children generally include 

  • Biddulph, S. Raising Boys

  • Webster Stratton, C.The Incredible Years

  • Hallowell, E. The Childhood Roots Of Adult Happiness 

  • Wolf, T. and Franks, S. Get Out of My Life... But First Take Me & Alex Into Town

  • Wiseman, R. Queen Bees And Wannabes 

  • Damour, L. Untangled 

  • Lisa Darmour also has a great podcast called Ask Lisa

Books recommended for adults with mental health difficulties include:

  • Fairburn, C. Overcoming Binge Eating

  • Schmidt, U.  Getting Better Bit(e) by Bit(e)

  • Light, A. You are not a Before Picture.

Books and articles for those interested in the debate about the impact of social media and screen use on children and adolescents:

  • S.Greenfield Mind Change

  • S. Palmer et al Letter to the Guardian (25/12/16) and reply by P. Etchells et al (6/1/17)

  • V. Bell et al (12/8/15) BMJ editorial and reply by S. Greenfield same date.

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