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Tara regularly writes for the mainstream media and is interviewed on podcasts, IG Lives and radio. Here is a selection of recent or favourite articles that Tara has written, and a couple of podcasts and radio interviews.  (Unfortunately some of these articles and podcasts are behind a paywall)

10th May 2023
In this article Tara reviews the evidence on the connection between academic pressure and mental health.



Monday 30th May 

Tara reflects on how the messages we give to children about eating contribute to disordered eating

In this podcast with TES Tara thinks about the best ways for schools to support young people with eating disorders


In a very popular article about mental health in schools, Tara explores what would change in schools if we put wellbeing first.

Tara is also frequently asked to contribute her views to articles by other writers. 

And some of the international press.

From the Greek Newspaper Ταλκ 24/4/23 


And from Greek Marie Claire 12/6/23

From the Belgian press DeMorgan 24/9/22

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