Parenting Courses

Parenting teens is a tricky time.  You can find yourself constantly second guessing yourself and wondering whether you are getting it right.  If your child develops mental health problems it is of course much harder, and parents often blame themselves.  

From September 2022 on either Thursday or Friday morning (depending on demand) Tara will be offering online parenting sessions. Keeping the groups small (max 6 families) over 4 sessions there will be a mixture of taught content and active problem solving.  Tara will go through some common models to think about parenting and think with the parents what this means for the difficulties they are facing.  She will be encouraging parents about the changes they can make and also recognising the limits of their influence. 

Sharing decades of experience with adolescences, families and parents Tara will support you in your relationship with your teenager and to feel more confident in your parenting.