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Adults and couples

Tara sees many adults, on their own or in couples, who are struggling with their mental health including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, obsessional problems, etc.  These symptoms often emerge when people have a deep well of distress and feel stuck in their life. 

Tara will draw on many different psychological theories in her therapy with you.  Therapy is first and foremost about change and finding the therapeutic ideas that will be helpful to you is key. Cognitive-behavioural approaches can be useful in the here and now, but understanding how the distress arose in light of your childhood, upbringing, key relationships, trauma and social context is also therapeutic.  Most of all, Tara provides an environment of compassionate understanding allows for change to take place.  

I have found therapy to be intensely painful, but Tara is brilliant

and there is absolutely no doubt it has helped a lot’

60 year old man.

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